To many, a personal site like this may be perceived as being narcissistic or even pompous. I can assure you that that is not the intention of the site. OK, so maybe a photogallery is a bit narcissistic, but really, I'm not pompous by any stretch of the imagination.

The idea of putting together a personal site crept into my mind several years ago during the first season of the Apprentice. I, like every other Apprentice fan, had a personal favorite for the Apprentice winner. I began searching candidate names on the web, to learn more about them, and quickly realized that each and every candidate had their own personal website. Each site reflected candidate personas and professional accomplishments. As I navigated through the candidate sites I got a much deeper understanding of what each candidate was all about, which more often then not (in my opinion) demonstrated a strong correlation with how well they did on the show. It was from that point on that I decided a personal website could help encapsulate my professional experiences, education and aspirations.

What better medium to provide a potential business partner, employer/employee and/or family member in order to give them a complete look into my life at this single point in time? I for one can think of none better .

- Richard Vinhais

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