* All self portraits were crafted by the brilliance of Donald Druckenmiller.

Shortly after launching my personal website, Don caught a glimpse of my photo gallery and was not impressed. He emphatically stated that he could take better photos then those I had posted out there. I had seen his photography hobby grow into an obsession over about a 6 month period. He, like many profesisonals, has an innate ability to capture the purity of a moment which would be forever frozen in time. To be honest, I really had no burning desire to have profesisonal portraits (although he's not techically a professional, I doubt a pro could have done much better or at all) taken of myself but Don's joy and insistance made it happen. I told him we could give it a shot and at a minimum have some fun hanging out during the process. It was a good time.

Below is some of his work:

my moms favorite

* Below are some photos taken by Photographer extraordinaire, Matthew Panciera. He's a seasoned professional that boasts an impressive eye for detail. He recently shot my baby sister's wedding and did a wonderful job. Learn more about Matthew and his work by clicking here.

Here are some of my favorite shots he's taken in the past:

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